Farm To Table

From the garden to the kitchen. Cooking classes with organic ingredients grown at Pulicaro.

Rediscover The Flavor Of Once Upon A Time

For a weekend with “a finger in every pie”

    Our cooking classes are based on our “Farm to Table” program, which has the goal of inspiring the love of cooking from the love of strictly organic ingredients, freshly harvested from our garden and fields.

    Our courses teach the fundamentals of the cooking technique characteristic of Viterbo, and the farm traditions found in central Italy. The dishes prepared and the concepts provided are based on simple, fresh ingredients, that are 100% organic.

    Ask us about our courses! We’d be happy to put together a custom package just for you with whatever strikes your fancy: cooking classes, lodging, tasting, and other activities).

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weekend astrologico pulicaro


Since the beginning of time, people have looked to the moon for guidance as to when is the best time to tackle a challenge, when is the best time time to sow or harvest, or to start a new venture. Have you ever looked to the moon to guide your energy in the best way possible? Whatever your answer, if these ideas pique your interest even just a little bit, we'll see you at Pulicaro for the weekend of Jun 2 - 4. Reservations required. Don't miss it!
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