Teaching Farm

For your children, it’s the best way to learn a love for nature.

Teaching Farm: One Way To Discover Nature

For your children, it’s the best way to learn a love for nature.

We were inspired to revive the Pulicaro’s farm to create an organic agricultural (and agri-touristic) system that works in harmony, respect, and balance with the surrounding environment.

All of our agricultural production takes place following the rhythm of the seasons, without the use of pesticides or antibiotics.

Inspired by the notion that we are all children at heart, our agritourism was crafted not only to satisfy the curiosity of our littlest guests, but also those who are not so little. Marco will take you on a tour of the plants and animals of our farm, teaching you the life and craft of the countryside, following the seasons in harmony with nature.

See the birth of the baby chicks and ducklings, the harvest of olives, of tomatoes, or make homemade pasta with eggs freshly gathered. These will be simple yet unforgettable experiences — truly special memories that you’ll have for the rest of your life.

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Since the beginning of time, people have looked to the moon for guidance as to when is the best time to tackle a challenge, when is the best time time to sow or harvest, or to start a new venture. Have you ever looked to the moon to guide your energy in the best way possible? Whatever your answer, if these ideas pique your interest even just a little bit, we'll see you at Pulicaro for the weekend of Jun 2 - 4. Reservations required. Don't miss it!
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