Wedding in Nature

Your Wedding: Super Personalized

Your Wedding: Super Personalized

In a unique natural setting!

Thanks to its central location immersed in nature, Pulicaro is an enchanting place for weddings. We can accommodate any combination of needs (reception, lodging, catering, group transportation to/from airport, group transportation to/from location of the wedding ceremony, etc.). We can even take care of the logistics of your wedding ceremony, regardless of whether it’s at Pulicaro, in Rome or Viterbo (or any other city, town, village), or in another special location.

In addition to giving a warm welcome to your guests, our property offers spacious areas, both indoors and outdoors. Our catering services feature quintessential Italian recipes made from fresh, organic ingredients right from our farm and garden.

Pulicaro has available five beautifully restored apartments, four charming bedrooms, two large and fully equipped common rooms, a professional kitchen, and lush green spaces, all of which can be set up according to your wishes.

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Since the beginning of time, people have looked to the moon for guidance as to when is the best time to tackle a challenge, when is the best time time to sow or harvest, or to start a new venture. Have you ever looked to the moon to guide your energy in the best way possible? Whatever your answer, if these ideas pique your interest even just a little bit, we'll see you at Pulicaro for the weekend of Jun 2 - 4. Reservations required. Don't miss it!
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