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From the garden to the table, that’s our motto.

Through and through, Pulicaro is a true agritourism where the harvest, the services for guests, and the cuisine are all connected to Marco and Chiara’s agricultural business. In fact, it’s their distinct choice, as owners, to have created an agricultural system and organic farm, that works with total respect of the surrounding environment.

The organic farm business is comprised of:

  • A welcoming and friendly teaching farm, where it’s possible to visit on Sunday mornings by making a reservation.
  • An olive grove with trees of multiple local varieties that over the centuries, have adapted themselves to this highland climate.
  • An orchard with native species of fruit trees that are naturally resistant to insects and diseases and that have a long harvest season.
  • An organic garden that produces only seasonal vegetables.

All of the agricultural production follows the natural rhythm of the seasons, with respect of the environmental balance, and without the use of pesticides or antibiotics.

We produce, cook, and package for our guests:

  • Organic chicken, organic turkey, and other meat from grassfed animals, that have literally been raised from the earth’s good sustenance.
  • Fresh eggs
  • Sauces and pâtè made from both meat and vegetables
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Jams and fruit preserves
  • Tomato preserves
  • Fruits and vegetables from the garden to the table

All of our products are always made fresh and seasonably available.

Feel free to select whatever products you’d like and send your order to

We also make home deliveries to Rome and the surrounding area and we’re always working to grow our distribution area.

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Since the beginning of time, people have looked to the moon for guidance as to when is the best time to tackle a challenge, when is the best time time to sow or harvest, or to start a new venture. Have you ever looked to the moon to guide your energy in the best way possible? Whatever your answer, if these ideas pique your interest even just a little bit, we'll see you at Pulicaro for the weekend of Jun 2 - 4. Reservations required. Don't miss it!
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