The Apartments

Il Cellaio

Quiet apartment on the ground floor that opens into the garden. Features a queen bedroom, private bathroom with shower, private living room, and kitchenette. Accommodation for two additional guests...

La Cerqua

Comfortable queen room (or double) on second floor. Private bathroom with shower. Opens into quiet and comfortable common area living room that has a striking stone fireplace. Sturdy bed...

100 Per night (for 2 people) B&B or Self-Catering



Quiet apartment on the second floor with double or queen bedroom, private bathroom including a shower and a living room with kitchenette. Opens into quiet and comfortable common area...

La Torretta

Quiet two-level apartment (2nd and 3rd floor). Queen bedroom, private bathroom with a shower, private living room with a beautiful wood stove, and kitchenette. Can accommodate two additional guests...

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weekend astrologico pulicaro


Since the beginning of time, people have looked to the moon for guidance as to when is the best time to tackle a challenge, when is the best time time to sow or harvest, or to start a new venture. Have you ever looked to the moon to guide your energy in the best way possible? Whatever your answer, if these ideas pique your interest even just a little bit, we'll see you at Pulicaro for the weekend of Jun 2 - 4. Reservations required. Don't miss it!
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