We cultivate a new Love for the Land

The heart and soul of Pulicaro is our working farm; it is here that we provide nourishment for our land, animals, plants, family, and guests alike. We’re proud to offer a true agriturismo experience, one where you can both relax at our historic guesthouse and immerse yourself in life on the farm via our Sunday farm tour and beyond.

Our farming philosophy centers around reducing our impact on the environment and creating a holistic ecosystem in which every plant and animal is in healthy balance. Instead of pesticides and antibiotics, we rely entirely on organic solutions, biodiversity, pasture rotation, and above all, careful observation. 


We breed and raise cows, pigs, sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese over acres of pasture, where they are free to graze and forage. This contributes to the health of the animals, fertilization of the land, organic pest management, fuel-free pruning and mowing, and, finally, the taste and quality of our meats. 


Our olive orchard is planted to traditional varieties specifically adapted to our local climate, while our fruit orchard contains a multitude of progressively ripening trees, providing consistent food for pollinators and providing increased resistance to disease.  


Our organic vegetable garden generates fresh seasonal produce without the use of harsh chemicals. Rotating our vegetable garden plot each year helps preserve the high nutrient content of our soils as well as the quality of our produce. 


Our meats and eggs are available directly from the farm or via various Farmers' Markets and specialty shops in Rome. To order for pickup, please give us a call or email to see what products are currently available. One taste, and we’re confident that you will understand the difference that conscious, organic farming practices can make.